Our business is one that provides its clients with a selection of garden and grounds based services, including that of tidy ups. With enough time, gardens can become something more akin to a forest and it can be hard to find your way around. Fortunately, we can handle any sized space no matter how overgrown it may be. Nothing is too much for our team; that is why we are the leading choice for garden tidys Birmingham has.

Brown leaves and overgrown shrubs might not seem like that big of a deal to you, but it will give others the impression that you like your garden to be unkempt and messy. To stop people from getting the wrong idea, they should be gotten rid of ASAP. Our team can effectively clear away leaves, keeping everything clear and tidy.

For any weeds that are present, we prefer to catch them by the root; otherwise they can end up strangling your precious flowers. They are harmful to plants in other ways as well, since they compete with them for light, nutrients and space. The optimum time to remove weeds is when the soil reaches about 80% humidity and this is especially true if the plan is to get rid of them via mechanical means.

Making plans to have your plants taken care of guarantees that they will remain in a healthy state. They’ll not only have the means to keep your home fragranced, but looking after them ensures that their lovely colours will last far longer. Any garden that is well maintained and tidy enhances the aesthetics of your home immensely, not only making it more appealing, but also relaxing at the same time.

At Genuine Home Services we have a talented team and the right equipment to tackle garden tidys of any size and scale. People may be convinced that the work needed to tidy things up is impossible, but with our team on the scene, this simply isn’t the case. If your garden requires some attention, we are the ones to call.