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Complete Fencing in Birmingham

Unlike other fencing contractors, as we are equipped to deal with almost every scenario, we don’t ask you to cut back growth or remove plants and shrubs in preparation for our attendance. We can replace a worn out fence, replace unmanageable growth or hedges for a new fence and remove unwanted trees, hedging and growth.

All this will be included in your fencing quotation. We have all the equipment required, including tree removal equipment to deal with re instating your boundary as it should be.

We offer our fencing services around the West Midlands our main areas include Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield

High Quality Fencing Materials and installation

We don’t use the cheap stuff, a new fence is an important part of your property and needs to last the test of time and the elements. Fence installation can be done using wooden or concrete posts, depending on how long you need it to last and your budget. In our humble opinion, whilst its harder work, we always prefer to offer you concrete posts as we feel the price difference doesn’t reflect the difference in value and longevity of the product.

As part of our service as a professional fencing contractor, we are proud to have alleviated tensions between neighbours and resolved boundary disputes over the years. Please take a look at the types of garden fencing we do prior to contacting us so you know what you want. We have set prices for the various forms which we can prepare you for prior to a site visit so you know what you need to spend and what type of garden fencing will suit your needs and give you the best value for money.

Types Of Fencing Available

Click on the green boxes to choose which type of fencing you want and contact us to discuss your quote.

garden-fencingMostly horizontal in structure, these are the lowest priced panels. Shown here on timber posts which is ideal for fencing at a low cost. These panels are available in a light (orange- ish) colour or dark colour (brown-ish). All panel fencing can be installed with either timber or concrete posts, with or without the addition of a gravel board. All panel fencing can be installed at overall heights between 2ft and 8ft height. Trellis can also be included/ added onto your fence.

garden-fencingHeavier and mostly vertical in structure, pictured here with concrete posts and gravel boards. This type of fencing is widely regarded as the best value for money option and are is our best seller. Available in the same light or dark option as waney edge panel fencing, in a range of heights with the option for trellis or even a rounded off top (creating a dome or bow).

garden-fencingFor a touch of luxury, constructed from pressure treated timber and imported from Europe in a lighter, more natural wood colour. Pictured with matching timber posts, this can also be used with concrete posts and gravel boards.

garden-fencingThis type of fencing may be more appropriate or cost effective depending on the particular length of your fencing run and the install area. Especially appropriate on steep gradients or on top of brick walls. On the other side to the fence in the picture is in essence, a seamless run of featheredge boards which are what make up a featheredge panel, making an attractive and versatile fencing solution. We also offer this style for more commercial applications with recessed concrete posts, for the longest lasting fencing solution.

garden-fencingWe also offer picket fencing which is used largely for sectioning off a space as it can be seen through and is therefore very popular with creating spaces/ areas for dogs. It is also often used on front boundaries of gardens as it increases curb appeal whilst creating a boundary to the front elevation of a property.

garden-fencingWe can install gates to match whichever style of fencing you choose and double driveway gates for
vehicular access.
You can choose to add trellis to your fencing
You can upgrade to dome top or bow top featheredge panels
You can also upgrade to pressure treated featheredge fence panels and/ or double sided
featheredge panels
If you’ve seen it, we can generally do it.

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