5 unique uses for garden sheds.
Garden sheds are an asset to many families back gardens – providing extra space to store those gardening materials, and other outdoor items.

A garden shed has much more than this traditional use and can often have a quirky reason for its existence. This article will explore other uses for garden sheds.

Outdoor office.
People have limited space inside their houses and while many of us may have an extra bedroom in our house which would normally dupe as an office, in reality this is used as a bedroom for the guests who come to visit, or simply as a junk room. Professional office costs are expensive these days, not to mention the hassle of finding somewhere, having to commute to and from it and set the place up. This is why a shed as an office is an alternative idea. Just a few footsteps from your house, it is convenient, and with grand and spacious designs these can actually be a welcome escape from the world of work, whilst still being at work.

An outdoor play area for children.
Similar to a tree house a garden shed can be home to an adequate play area for children, but on the ground rather than in the air! With keeping our children safe as our top priority, this idea gives the kids chance to make their own den and space, while we can rest easy that they are in our own back garden safe and content.

A pet haven.
It’s like a kennel for dogs, a garden shed can be a good idea for a temporary or permanent home for our little friends. There are many advantages of doing this. In the summer a place is provided to shelter from the strong sunshine and high heat / humidity. When those downpours arrive who wants to be out in the rain? A shed provides a big umbrella for pets and humans alike! Maybe you have visitors coming who don’t like your animals (or maybe the animals don’t like them!?) Housing your pets in here is a kinder safer and more caring way rather than simply sticking them outside exposed to anything. Decorate your pet shed home to make it more cosy and inviting.

Plant storage.
Even well into the spring with strengthening sunshine and warmer days, hard frosts at night can still be a problem. Sowing seeds early in the year for flowering later in the summer can be a problem in the initial few weeks as the pots and tubs are subject to the harsh winter weather. Use a garden shed to keep your plants warm, dry, and frost free. You can even buy equipment like propagators and turn your shed into a mini greenhouse.

Sleepover room.
It’s the alternative to camping and certainly popular with teenagers. Style this area to make it trendy and appealing. Having a sleepover room allows your children to have friends over and have the freedom of their own space, yet still within a close range where you can keep an eye on them. It is also a safe and fun way to give your kids their first taste of the great outdoors (just make sure they don’t share a bed with the spider!)

Other quirky uses.
The uses for a garden shed do not stop at our selection of five.
Interesting research has found that many men really do use their sheds as the “dog house” so some people would argue that this is a good investment!

Small swimming pools, and hot tubs are becoming increasingly common in peoples gardens. Why not use a shed as a changing room instead of dripping wet clothes through the house?

Maybe you like wildlife and interested in seeing different sites of the garden more? A shed can provide an ideal sanctuary to act as a hiding place to stop you potentially frightening away wildlife and allowing you to get closer to them.