Maintaining your garden goes a long way at keeping the aesthetic appeal of your house alive, as an unkempt space doesn’t exactly impress the guests. If your plan is to actually sell your home at some point, then messy external areas certainly won’t do you any favours. There’s no need to panic however, as our team is capable of providing the great service. We are the leading provider of garden clearances Birmingham has after-all.

Summer is definitely one of the most challenging times for any gardener. Regardless of what the season might throw at you though, keeping up with all the garden chores shall aid you in getting the most out of your space.

To begin with, ridding the site of spent flowers assists other plants in putting more energy into flowering once again. Repeat flowering shrubs, perennials and annuals will provide more colour throughout the summer if deadheading is practiced when needed.

Whilst deadheading, weeding and watering everything, pest infestations should be something else to watch out for. If you want your garden to succeed, the key aspect here is early detection, followed by a prompt and decisive treatment option.

Since plants have a habit of filling out in early summer, they should start to shade out the majority of their weed competition. For this to occur, plants have to be kept weeded up until this point. Slowing down is ok but stopping isn’t, because if even one weed is left standing, it can result in more weed whacking later on.

At Genuine Home Services we can take on all kinds of garden clearance work, including getting rid of weeds for you. Our flexibility means clients can call on us for all of their requirements. The best part about our services is that the price is fixed. Each fee is determined by the tasks that need doing, access to the garden and the site’s size. If you would like to discuss specifics, simply get in touch with us.