The one thing which the New Year has so far brought for all of us in Sutton Coldfield is some snow. After a little bit fell in the first week of January a lot more came in the second, with it laying in quite a few places. Whilst this wasn’t too disruptive for our day to day life it’s highly likely you’ve notice that, as it’s now pretty much all melted away, it’s left its mark on your garden.

Winter is not normally a time you would consider calling us in to carry out garden maintenance in Sutton Coldfield. Outside of a few minor jobs and a little bit of neatening up here and there, it usually is best just to leave gardens fallow until the first signs of spring are with us. The aftermath of this recent snow means, however, that this isn’t quite the case this year.

Our climate seems to be ever changing and fairly unpredictable. We’ve seen the conditions change from freezing, icy and snowy to being rather mild in the space of about a week. This means that there’s a lot more debris, in particular leaves, around – all cluttering up gardens and looking unattractive.

A real problem with this is that garden refuse collections are not due to start again until towards the end of March. This is scheduled around the traditional seasonal changes, and in fairness, nobody could really have seen this service would have been needed a good deal sooner. What a lot of people in Sutton Coldfield are finding to be the easiest way to deal with it is to call us in.

Normally we’d run our regular services of garden maintenance in Sutton Coldfield between March and November. As things have turned out, it’s the case that there’s plenty we can be doing at this time of the year to help make sure gardens are ready for spring. If the snow has been and gone in your garden but left a mark, give us a call to come in and get it sorted for you.