Keeping your garden in top condition can be quite the undertaking, especially if you’ve left it alone for a long time. There’s no need to worry however, as ours is a business that seeks to save you all the time, effort and hassle that often comes with gardening work. No matter how much of a state you may think your garden is in, no challenge is too tough for our team of trained professionals. That is why we are the provider of garden maintenance Solihull residents rely on.

It might not seem all that complicated at first glance, but your lawn actually requires a lot more attention than one might assume. To begin with, grass that lies in the sun has differing needs than the part that’s nestled in the shade. What most people have a habit of doing is over-applying fertiliser to shaded patches when the grass there struggles. This however is simply killing it quicker.

Lawns in full sunlight and those that may only get two to four hours of light both have unique water and fertiliser needs. Shady grass requires a lower amount of water, as less of it evaporates without the sun’s aid, and less fertiliser too, since it doesn’t grow all that much.

If your lawn becomes nutrient-stressed it turns into something of a breeding ground for weeds, making the need for a healthy lawn even greater. The soil should be tested to determine what quantity and type of fertiliser is necessary, because lawn health increases with adequate fertilisation. This enables the grass to compete more efficiently, crowding out the weeds and eliminating the requirement for a massive amount of weed killer.

At Genuine Home Services we use the most up to date equipment and methods to help maintain your garden. With fixed prices and garden maintenance services that aim to save you as much money as possible, ours is a company that focuses on providing a cost effective experience for clients across Solihull. If you require our assistance, please do get in touch.