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Fully Qualified Tree Surgeon

To quickly get a price range (and often a comprehensive quotation) for your tree work simply upload a picture in the box with your details at the top of the page. Ensure the photo shows the whole tree in one, within its surroundings so we can see its size in context to give a more accurate assessment. We also need to see your access route to the tree so if you have more than one photo, send them all through to and we will reply with a quotation or call/email to arrange a visit to further assess the works within a few days.

Trees come in many shapes and sizes and generally, the bigger the tree the more difficult and complicated it often is to work with. It isn’t always necessarily about the size of the tree however. If there are obstacles close by or things which may present a problem when tree cutting, this is will be reflected in the quote price. Your price is dependent on access, obstacles, technical aspects involved in the work, the amount of waste.

Affordable Prices For Every Job

All of our tree surgeons are NPTC qualified. They are skilled in all aspects of tree and hedge work including most commonly, tree reductions, tree removals and tree felling. There are procedures that should be followed for the purposes of safety and conservation. Trees can need removing for a variety of reasons. They may have simply become too old or large, affected by disease, or suffered some kind of weather damage – most likely wind. In fact sometimes otherwise healthy trees can need removing due to a sudden event that has caused them to become dangerous. There are a lot of rules and regulations surrounding tree removal. This is a good reason why people leave taking out trees to qualified experts. Our tree surgeons work mostly within the West Midlands area, Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield.

Tree Stump Removal

Your price will be to remove the tree to within a few inches of the highest ground surrounding the stump. We can also provide a separate cost to grind the tree stump out if required for example, to allow a patio to be installed in its place or another finish. We offer all these services so can provide a more competitive price than most of our competition.

Waste Removal And Fire Wood

We can deal with the wood remains in a number of ways. One is to use a machine which cuts up the tree into tiny pieces. This will be taken into account during your quote.

Some people like to keep the wood from the removed tree for other things. A common reason for this would be to use as firewood. We offer a safe and complete service and each tree individually will have an assessment and a plan for the most effective route to complete the job. You will have the option to keep the fallen wood if you can deal with it comfortably. Every element of your tree waste is recycled. It is chipped up and used as biomass for future fuel use in the UK.

Get A Quote (24/7)